The Importance of Connections


Today and every day

Whether you are connecting with nature or other people, both offer profound value. 

Our job is to connect people with nature.  We are focused on connecting underserved youth to outdoor spaces. 

If we can incorporate their families in our journey's it is an added bonus.

Nature has a way of calming one's soul.

We value the lives of everyone and understand how important it is for people to have stability in their day-to-day living.  

Children need to have consistent structure. They need to understand they have the same loving and caring people in their lives day in and day out.  

We are focusing on providing mentoring for school age youth.

It is our belief that no matter the age, we can learn from one another.  Both old and young alike have something to offer.

It is imperative that we are worthwhile, productive stewards.

School's in Session

This school year we are spending time in the classroom.  We are headed to elementary and middle schools.  We are providing mentoring and tutoring in reading and math.

A Child's First Mentor

Parents, family members and other loved ones are a child's first mentor.  Their first teacher.  These individual's role is critical in how well a child develops in school. 

When children are young you should read to them.  When your children get a little older you should have them read to you.

Parents ask your children how their school day went, and then listen. 

Parents work with your child's teachers to help your student get all they can out of their K thru 12 years.

One of the smartest investments I made when my children were young was to get an annual museum pass and an annual zoo pass.  Numerous museum and zoo passes are reciprocal with other museums and zoos throughout the United States and other countries.  With our passes we were able to visit a variety of museums and zoos across the country.  Most of the annual passes for families are under $100.00.

When the Mentor Becomes the Mentee

Even with many years of experience and knowledge at your disposal you can learn from those you are teaching.  A shining example is once you become a parent you realize you can and will learn valuable lessons from your own children.

Invest in Youngsters

The research is there.  Invest in people and the reward is returned.  Nothing is more valuable than the time you can give them.

Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference

We are creating positive change in many lives.

Exposing as many youth to as many new and unique experiences is critical. 

Everyday is an opportunity to provide a positive difference to those whose paths we cross.